API Documentation

This documentation describes the RESTful HTTP API exposed by the Facette back-end on which the front-end relies.

Unless otherwise stated, all requests and responses bodies use application/json as Content-Type. The format is described in the RFC 4627 document.

Dates and Times

All dates handled and returned by the API are using the RFC 3399 timestamp format.

Some API enpoints accept a range parameter giving the [-]<number>{y,mo,d,h,m,s} format. For example, the “last day” can be expressed with the following expressions:

It is also possible to combine multiple units, such as -1h 30m.

Filter Patterns

Some API enpoints accept an optional filter parameter, its value can take one of the following forms:

Message Responses

If the API is unable to handle a specific request or if any error occurred during its processing, a JSON message response with additional context is sent along with an proper HTTP status code.

For example, requesting an unknown item (e.g. collection, graph…) upon the API, with an HTTP status code being 404 Not Found, the response body will contain:

   "message": "item not found"