The configuration file uses YAML format and is provided to the service with the -c argument. If not specified, Facette will look for the /etc/facette/facette.yaml file.

For a complete example configuration file, see facette.yaml.

Main Settings

Key Type Default Description
listen string localhost:12003 Socket to listen on (use unix:/path/to/facette.sock for UNIX socket)
socket_mode string UNIX socket file mode (e.g. 0400)
socket_user string UNIX socket file owner (e.g. facette)
socket_group string UNIX socket file group (e.g. facette)
graceful_timeout int 30 Timeout before forcefully shutdown remaining connections
root_path string Root path behind which the service is located (e.g. /facette)
log_path string Logging file path (if - logging goes to stdout; if empty file logging is disabled)
log_level string info File logging level (error, warning, notice, info or debug)
syslog_level string Syslog logging level (error, warning, notice, info or debug; if empty syslog logging is disabled)
syslog_facility string daemon Syslog logging facility)
syslog_tag string facette Syslog logging tag
syslog_address string Syslog logging server address (if empty, host-local logging is performed)
syslog_transport string udp Syslog logging network transport protocol (tcp, udp or unix)
backend.driver string sqlite Back-end storage driver name (sqlite, pgsql or mysql)
backend.* See “Back-end Settings” below for details
frontend.enabled bool true Front-end activation flag
frontend.assets_dir string Front-end assets directory path (not used when compiling with builtin assets)
default_time_range string -1h Default time range for plots retrieval
hide_build_details bool false Prevent build details from being exposed in API
read_only bool false Read-only flag, preventing modifications through API calls

Back-end Settings


Key Type Default Description
backend.path string data.db SQLite database file path


Key Type Default Description string localhost PostgreSQL host address
backend.port int 5432 PostgreSQL host port
backend.dbname string facette PostgreSQL database name
backend.user string facette PostgreSQL user name
backend.password string PostgreSQL user password


Key Type Default Description string localhost MySQL host address
backend.port int 3306 MySQL host port
backend.dbname string facette MySQL database name
backend.user string facette MySQL user name
backend.password string MySQL user password